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Why Incentivefox?

The Incentivefox Platform is Your All-in-One Referral and Retention Solution.

Referral Program

Referral Program

Automate, upgrade and optimize your out of date referral program.

Test Drive Pop Up

Test Drive Pop Up

Convert your anonymous website visitors into showroom visits.

BeBack Program

BeBack Program

Incentivize fresh ups to give your dealership another change or some insiight before and after they leave your lot.

Employee Motivation                            

Employee Incentives

Create a reward program that engages employees and motivates performance that drive better business.

Direct Rewards

Direct Rewards*

Send a customized Dealership Visa® Card to anybody for any reason – great for goodwill, birddogs, and special occasions.

In-Store Reward Cards                            

Promotional Offers*


Re-Engage with your customers through contests, goodwill, and any other promotional offers.

Analytics and Reporting                            

Analytics & Reporting


With analytics and reporting dashboards you can track key program statistics to measure performance and return on investment

Mobile Application

Mobile Application**

The Communication channel your dealership needs, and the convenience your customer deserves.

Email Marketing

On-Demand Ordering

Order cards in bulk to have on hand at your dealership in just 3 clicks.

Discover how our clients are selling 10-30 additional vehicles every month.

How it Works

The incentivefox team helps you create solutions that engage your current and potential customer base. The Incentivefox platform allows you to create, automate, track, and optimize on your digital and in-store incentive offers all through one easy to use platform.
Customer Engagement App


Your customers, employees, friends, family, and other advocates across multiple mediums.

Incentivefox Incentive Management Platform


Manage all of your reward programs, offers, participants, analytics and optimize your programs to drive more traffic, increase customer interaction and boost brand awareness.

Visa Prepaid Reward Card Incentives


We put your brand in your customer’s hand and combine it with reloadable technology, making it an easy way to pay.

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