Change how you engage, motivate and drive more showroom traffic.

Incentive Platform

All of your incentive programs in 1 easy-to-use platform. Integrates with your CRM and DMS data for a seamless incentive and rewards process. Create a referral program, test-drive program, beback, the sky's the limit.
Incentivefox Incentive Management Platform Analytics
Custom Branded Visa Prepaid Reward Card and Carrier

Custom Branded
Visa® Card and Carrier

Its all about branding and convenience. Paying prospects and customers with a branded Visa card will ensure they have your brand in their hand, and in mind. Say goodbye to customers hunting you down for their paper check, when you combine your brand with the power of a reloadable Visa.

Mobile App Available
On iTunes & Google Play**

Apps account for 89% of mobile media time, with the other 11% spent on websites1, don't miss out on engaging with your customers through their preferred communication channel.
Custom Branded Auto Dealership Mobile App
Auto Dealership Lead Generation Lead Generating Landing Page

Lead Generation

Drive more lead generation through concise and customized digital marketing. Emails, landing pages, social media, automated reminders, texts and more.

In-Store Marketing

Technology is great, but your customers are in your dealership constantly, utilize in-store marketing materials like flyers and hangtags to promote and engage your customers through every avenue. Enjoy the best of both worlds with incentivefox.
Auto Dealership in-Store Marketing Materials Hangtags and Flyers