5 Referral Program MYTHS – BUSTED! A myth by definition is “a widely held but false belief or idea. /miTH/ – noun.” And with referral programs slowly making their way into the digital era, complete with the ability to track and optimize unlike ever before, there are a LOT of […]

5 Referral Program MYTHS – BUSTED!

Are you effectively marketing to your most influential buying audience? It’s 2017 and when it comes to buying a set of wheels, women are leading the way in purchases, currently 85% of all car buying decisions are influenced by women, but women represent an extremely small portion of auto executives. […]

How Much Buying Power Do Women Have In The Auto ...

Referral Facts to Blow Your Mind
27 REFERRAL FACTS TO BLOW YOUR MIND! You know referrals are valuable, but do you know just how valuable? Referrals are amazing, awesome and without a doubt the most sought after compliment to our services and products, but are any of us really focusing on the power of referrals, making […]

Referral Facts, 27 to Blow Your Mind