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  Click HERE to Download the Thomas Nissan Case Study Thomas Nissan of Joliet isn’t just a car dealership, Thomas Nissan of Joliet is dedicated to their community and town in the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago. Thomas Nissan strives to go above and beyond for their extremely loyal customer base […]

Thomas Nissan Referral Rewards Program Case Study

Referrals are the holy grail of customer acquisition. Referral leads close faster, buy more and stay longer with significantly less effort than non-referred prospects. So how can you start increasing your referral lead generation? Here are 5 ways to grow your referral business.  1. Create a Wow Offer: Why? Because being realistic […]

5 Ways to Grow Your Referral Business

What type of Referral Incentive Should I Offer? What motivates your customers to refer you to their friends and family? Beyond your stellar service and team because we already know that 83% of happy customers would refer but only 23% actually do… so what can you do to start capturing […]

What type of Referral Incentive Should I Offer?

When and Where Should You be Asking For Referrals? Here are your top 7 Locations Where is the best place to ask for a referral? It used to be simple, after they purchase. Ask for a referral or maybe give them a call a few days or weeks later and […]

When and Where Should You be Asking For Referrals? Here ...

The #1 Mistake Your Dealership is Making
The #1 Mistake Your Dealership is Making Right Now You’ve got good inventory, a solid sales plan, a good team, and great customer service but you’re still not increasing sales like you want to or need to.  What gives and what else can you do besides pump even more money into […]

The #1 Mistake Your Dealership is Making Right Now

“The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers.” – Shiv Singh, Senior Vice President of Global Brand and Marketing Transformation at Visa Asking for a referral seems like common sense and an extremely EASY tactic for salespeople to utilize to increase their sales but in […]

3 Easy Ways to Get Your Salespeople on Board the ...

A referral program needs 3 specific ingredients for success at any dealership; a great product, impeccable customer service, and a platform that makes the referral process incredibly simple for dealership and customer alike. Bettenhausen Automotive is no stranger to customer referrals. Having been Chicagoland’s only “One Price” Chrysler Jeep Dodge […]

Bettenhausen Automotive Referral Program Case Study

  Lexus of Orland Referral Program Case Study Discover how Lexus of Orland, a family owned dealership for over 20 years, who came to Incentivefox at the start of 2016, was able to increase their referral leads by up to 20% through Incentivefox’s automated referral rewards program. Partnering with Incentivefox […]

Lexus of Orland Referral Program Case Study

Referral Facts to Blow Your Mind
27 REFERRAL FACTS TO BLOW YOUR MIND! You know referrals are valuable, but do you know just how valuable? Referrals are amazing, awesome and without a doubt the most sought after compliment to our services and products, but are any of us really focusing on the power of referrals, making […]

Referral Facts, 27 to Blow Your Mind